Zoo Capital Programme

The Zoo Capital Programme (ZCP) is a $21m plan to redevelop Wellington Zoo over the next 10 years. The ZCP will create an interactive, unique, dynamic, and accessible zoo. The redeveloped Zoo will provide visitors with a place to connect with wildlife through interactive experiences and best practice animal welfare and management. The Wellington City Council will support the Zoo to achieve this by funding three-quarters of the plan. The Wellington Zoo Trust needs to raise one-quarter ($5m+) of the funds for the ZCP.

Other development at the Zoo

In conjunction with the ZCP, maintenance work and small developments are also constantly happening. In the last year the African Savannah exhibit has opened and the Twilight has undergone refurbishment.

Sustainable building

All buildings and precincts constructed as part of the ZCP will be future proofed and built in line with sustainable building practises. These include:

  • Insulation to reduce use of energy for heating
  • Rainwater recovery systems for use in cleaning animal enclosures
  • Timber used for construction projects must be FSC, or recycled timber from previous Zoo projects.
  • Construction materials are chosen to provide insulation or increase natural light
  • Solar water heating