Zoo Capital Programme

The Zoo Capital Programme (ZCP) is a ten year $21m plan to redevelop Wellington Zoo. Wellington City Council has generously supported the Zoo to achieve this by funding three-quarters of the plan. Wellington Zoo has raised the additional one-quarter ($5m+) of the funds for the ZCP.

Thanks to the support of the Council and that of many other generous supporters, Wellington Zoo has become a unique, dynamic and accessible Zoo – a Zoo that provides our local community and national and international visitors with a place to celebrate the living world.  Through engaging experiences and best practice conservation, sustainability, animal care and management we are transforming into a Zoo we can all be proud of.

Completed projects in this ZCP include: the Wild Theatre, The Nest Te Kōhanga animal hospital, Asia Precinct, Kamala’s, Hero HQ invertebrate and reptile house and Neighbours Australian walk through. 

Meet the Locals is the last project in our current ZCP. Meet the Locals is our love story to New Zealand, and our way to celebrate our country and the amazing creatures and plant life that live here. 

It is a place where we will celebrate the stories of who we are as New Zealanders, and what the land means to us. It is a launching pad for discussion around our New Zealand of the future – a land of sustainable living and harmonious integration of people and wildlife.

Sustainable building

All buildings and precincts constructed as part of the ZCP will be future proofed and built in line with sustainable building practises. These include:

  • Insulation to reduce use of energy for heating
  • Rainwater recovery systems for use in cleaning animal enclosures
  • Timber used for construction projects must be FSC, or recycled timber from previous Zoo projects.
  • Construction materials are chosen to provide insulation or increase natural light
  • Solar water heating