Meet the Locals is our love story to New Zealand, and our way to celebrate our country and the amazing creatures and plant life that live here. 

It is a place where we will celebrate the stories of who we are as New Zealanders, and what the land means to us. It is a launching pad for discussion around the New Zealand of the future – a land of sustainable living and harmonious integration of people and wildlife.

Meet the Locals is being developed around four areas:

Penguin Point

Penguin Point – evocative of our wild South Coast – will be home to Kororā, the Little Blue Penguins. Visitors will be able to get up close to this iconic native species, and find out what Wellington Zoo is doing, and what our community can do, to ensure their survival.

Pohutukawa Farm

Reminiscent of a Wairarapa farm, Pohutukawa Farm will be home to Kune Kune Pigs, Sheep, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Chickens. An Eel Pond will house Tuna, our New Zealand freshwater eels.

A learning facility and discovery centre will let visitors get their hands dirty planting and harvesting vegetables, and get up close to farm animals. 

Bush Builders

Celebrating our native bush, Bush Builders will be an exploratory journey through regenerating forest.

Bush Builders is more than a bush walk. We want our visitors to think about the bush in a different way; as a place to discover, have fun and learn about ecosystems, animals and plants. Bush Builders will attract our Wellington locals, birds that fly in and out of the Zoo and reptiles that live all around us. 

Conservation Connection 

Conservation Connection celebrates the work Wellington Zoo does for our endangered New Zealand locals beyond Wellington’s borders, through our work with the Kea Conservation Trust, and more. 

Visitors will have the chance to fall in love with one of our most endearing and intelligent birds - Kea, and learn how we can protect them. See how we help to restore Kākā to the wild throughout New Zealand, and meet Grand and Otago Skinks - some of New Zealand’s rarest reptiles. 

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