Wellington Zoo is building a future for wildlife.
Conservation is at the heart of everything we do at Wellington Zoo. Our aim is simple: to bring animals and people closer together. We do this so people will be compelled to care for the natural world and take action to protect the animals that we share the planet with—many of which are faced with extinction.

But we need a reliable future of our own.
Visitors provide just one source of funding. We need more alternative sources of reliable income to do our work to the highest standard.
Whilst one-off donations are gratefully received, regular gifts are absolutely vital to our long-term stability.  Knowing how much money we have coming in each month allows us to plan ahead, safe in the knowledge that funding is secure.
Even small regular donations can make a big difference, as they help us reduce administration costs and assist us with long-term planning.

How it works:
In one easy step, you can help Wellington Zoo without ever writing another cheque or filling in another form! You can sign up for monthly donations right here on our secure website.
Just follow the link below and fill out the details online.
You can choose any amount you wish (but please consider a minimum of $10 per month). You can also change your instructions to the bank whenever you choose. If at any time, you want to discuss your support or change details with us, simply phone us on 04 381 6755. An annual tax receipt will be sent to you detailing your donations.

Our guarantee to you:
As a regular supporter, we’ll keep you updated with information on how your donations are making a difference.

  • Regular newsletter ‘Zoo Views’
  • Copy of our annual report highlights
  • Regular email updates, including news from our keepers, veterinary team, and other Zoo staff
  • Invitations to special events at the Zoo, including an annual ‘behind the scenes' invitation to see how your donation is helping the Zoo

Please consider helping Wellington Zoo with a regular gift. This allows us to plan ahead more effectively and ensures that your donation goes even further. Click here if you wish to make a regular gift.