Wellington Zoo is a unique living classroom. Our Journey of Discovery learning sessions make the most of our amazing setting to enthuse your students about animals and the natural world that surrounds us.

We have relevant worksheets to support students’ learning during their Journey of Discovery at Wellington Zoo, or to use at school before and after the Zoo visit. Download these resources here.

Topics for study include animal adaptations, primate evolution and unique New Zealand ecosystems. All learning sessions are curriculum linked. For a description of each topic, please click here. If there is something you would like to explore at the Zoo that is not covered in our Journeys of Discovery sessions, we can work with you to develop further learning opportunities.

LEOTC Providers

Wellington Zoo has teamed up with two other LEOTC providers to give schools the chance to experience an entire day of fun outside the classroom with two special learning sessions.

Zoos Noos - In collaboration with Capital E

Zoos Noos involves a visit to both Wellington Zoo and Capital E. Your mission is to produce a Zoos Noos media story at Capital E based on what’s going on at Wellington Zoo.  Discover how Wellington Zoo cares for animals, meet some awesome animals up close, and find out what Wellington Zoo is doing to be a ‘Green Zoo’.

Dancing at the Zoo - In collaboration with DANZ

At the Zoo we’re all about having fun - and what better way to do it than by dancing at the Zoo! Find out all about the amazing Asian animals at the Zoo: How do they move? Why is the forest so important to them? Turn your learning into action as you work with DANZ Tutors to perform creative movements that mimic Asian animals. 

For a Zoos Noos or Dancing at the Zoo Journey of Discovery, bookings need to be made with both Wellington Zoo here and with Capital E here or DANZ here.

To find out more details, visit our School Visits page. It's easy to book in using our online booking system here

Bush Builders

Bush Builders is a hands-on environmental education programme coordinated by Wellington Zoo, with the aim of connecting urban students with their local flora and fauna.

The programme uses the living world to excite and empower students to take positive action in their own communities. Bush Builders accesses a range of Wellington Zoo resources to create and in-depth learning experience for local students at curriculum levels 1-8.

The Bush Builders programme develops environmental literacy over three distinct phases including a launch at Wellington Zoo and biological surveying at school. Schools can also choose to use Bush Builders as a Primary CREST Award activity.

To find out how your school can get involved with Bush Builders, email wellingtonzoo@wellingtonzoo.com.