Asia Precinct

Our amazing new Asia Precinct opened in September 2012, giving visitors the opportunity to get closer than ever to our Malayan Sun Bears and Sumatran Tiger! The new space has interactive information panels, an authentic Cambodian tuktuk to ride on, and much more - so come down to explore at Wellington Zoo!

The ASB Malayan Sun Bear exhibit is a purpose-built new home for Sean and Sasa, complete with climbing frames built from recycled gum trees.  Hear more about these beautiful bears at the Sun Bear talk, held every day at 3.00pm. 

See more of Rokan, our Sumatran Tiger, than ever before. The redeveloped Pub Charity Sumatran Tiger exhibit has new viewing panes and viewing decks, so you can get within a whisker of this amazing big cat. Learn more at the Tiger Talk, held at 10.40am every day.

To see what other talks are available, check out our daily talk schedule here.