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We’d like to mention upfront that we wish we could help everyone that approaches us for support. The reality is that Wellington Zoo is a charitable trust and relies on the generosity of individuals, sponsors and funders, including Wellington City Council our principal funder.

We also rely heavily on our visitors and the people of Wellington to come to the Zoo and support us financially. The Zoo is currently undergoing a 10-year redevelopment and we have a huge fundraising task in front of us in order to accomplish this. We want Wellington's Zoo to be the "Best Little Zoo in the World".

As a result of a review of our 'Free Pass' policy, we will no longer issue free passes or similar items, in order to communicate more effectively that the Zoo is a charitable organisation in need of support itself.

Instead, we have committed to support patients and their families staying at the Ronald MacDonald House and the Wellington Hospitals and Health Foundation, as we feel this is where we can make our support go furthest.

We hope you understand. We wish you well in your fundraising efforts; we know how difficult it can be.

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