There is no such thing as a typical day at Wellington Zoo – each one is different. Wellington Zoo doesn’t close when everyone goes home for the day – throughout the day, and night, there is always something happening at the Zoo. Ever wanted to be a zoo keeper or wondered what goes on behind the scenes at the Zoo?


Our gibbons wake up and start to sing which wakes up a school group doing a Zoo Sleepover.


The first Zoo staff arrive for the day of work. Our stores staff or “Zoo chefs” start to prepare food for the 500 animals we have at the Zoo.


The keepers are well underway cleaning the enclosures, changing bedding and giving the animals fresh food and water.


Some of our visitors are participating in a Big Cat Close Encounter. The otters, giraffes and female lions are getting trained by their keepers. Training is done at the zoo for medical reasons, it can help to get the weight of an animal or get it to present a part of its body.


Our guiding team is doing a talk at the Monkey Island and our learning team is teaching a visiting school group about the unique adaptations of the animals in the Zoo. The lions and tigers will be sunning themselves and dozng.


Visitors are participating in red panda and cheetah Close Encounters.


12.00 midday - Feeding time for Zoo staff (lunch time).


The chimpanzees are being fed at the chimpanzee talk. This a great time for visitors as they get to see the animals at their most active and they have a keeper on hand to answer any question they have.


Tahi the kiwi is in the Wild theatre. For many of the visitors this is the first time they have seen a kiwi, up close and in the daylight.


Keepers are now busy giving their animals enrichment (toys and challenges), and doing maintenance on enclosures.


Visitors are participating in a Cheetah Close encounter. The Marketing and Fundraising team are in a high powered meeting.


The birds are getting a second feed, and the sun bears and tigers are getting trained.


The giraffes are being fed by visitors doing a Close encounter.


Keepers start their final checks – counting their animals again, doing last feeds and tiding up any loose ends. The servals are also being trained in the Wild Theatre.


The keepers are washing up their food buckets for the day, they are also writing reports on the animals, recording anything that was out of the ordinary for the animals.


The Zoo is now closed for the day and most of the Zoo staff are heading home.


The lions are roaring, the lemurs and kea are also making a racket.


A school group has arrived to do a Zoo sleepover in the Archibald centre. They will be taking a guided tour around the zoo until about 9.00pm.


Most of the animals have gone to bed for the night, except the giraffes who rarely sleep and keep a watch over the Zoo at night.