Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Emperor penguin found at Peka Peka beach is currently being treated at The Nest - Te Kohanga at Wellington Zoo.

Thank you to everyone who has given generously to the Happy Feet appeal.  We have raised some initial funding for the care and treatment of Happy Feet over the next few weeks.  

We still have to make some decisions about his health before he can be released in the Southern Ocean so we are not sure how long he will be in The Nest -Te Kohanga.  So please continue to support our appeal– we really appreciate your help.

All donations will go towards ensuring the care and safe passage for Happy Feet and supporting the other work Wellington Zoo does with penguins - like treating and housing the injured little blue penguins that are brought into us at The Nest - Te Kohanga and the care of the little blue penguins who live at the Zoo.

If you would like to help our team who are caring for the emperor penguin you can make a donation online here.


You can also view a live stream of the penguin here.

Visitors are advised that the penguin will not be on display apart from during procedures at The Nest.