Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The popularity of Wellington Zoo’s new Asia Precinct is clear, with over 20,000 visitors already making their way through the archway.  Offering the opportunity to get closer than ever to our Sumatran Tigers and Malayan Sun Bears, the new space is also interactive, with an authentic Cambodian tuktuk to ride, playful information panels, and great sculptures designed by Weta Workshop.  

“We are hugely grateful for the support of Wellington City Council, Pub Charity and ASB in creating these beautiful new homes for our Sun Bears and Tigers” said Karen Fifield, Chief Executive of Wellington Zoo.

Visitors can learn more about the construction and planning of this new area at the Project Asia talk, held daily at 11.30am.  Sun Bear and Tiger Talks are also held daily, from 2.45pm.  To see what other talks are available, check out our daily talk schedule here