Thursday, 29 November 2012

Sarah van Herpt and Kea at Wellington Zoo.

I’m about to head off to Kea Conservation Trust for ten days of adventure.  
I chose this project because I am a bird nerd! I love birds, especially New Zealand's natives, and Kea are definitely my favourite. It’s also a really good opportunity for me to learn some new skills and get a first-hand look at all the different projects Kea Conservation Trust are involved in.
I can’t wait to see Kea in the wild and how they interact with each other and with people. I am also looking forward to seeing kea chicks and helping with the transmitter attachment. It might be a big test of my fitness, as it is quite a physical job with lots of walking up hills with heavy packs on!
When I come back, I’ll be able to share my experience with Zoo people and visitors, like the behaviour of the animals and ideas for our new upcoming Meet the Locals exhibit; and let them know what our support of Kea Conservation Trust is helping to achieve.  I’ll also be able to pass on the information and skills I pick up with our Zoo people with a learning session.  

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