Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Cheeky Kea eyes up the camera.

The first day began with a quick trip to the supermarket and then off we went!

First stop is Klondyke Corner where we stopped to check on Hobo. You may have seen some articles about him in the news lately. He has had his leg amputated and been released back where he was found. His transmitter signal was nice and strong which is great news!

Then we were off to the Death's Corner lookout and another close by to do some Kea repellent testing. Two rods are used; one is painted with repellent, and one is not. We watched for half an hour to see if the Kea would chew the repellent or not. If they do chew it, it should make them feel a bit sick and not want to chew it again. The ones we saw today seemed quite happy to chew it more than once! While we were doing the trial, it was awesome to watch the birds interacting with their environment. There were two Kea that were still young (about one) that jumped onto a man’s car as he was driving away, and pulled something out of his aerial and a big bit of his rubber door seal! So naughty, but incredible how fast they can do it!

Tomorrow, we are heading to the HawdonValley to check on a couple of nests and put bands and transmitters on some chicks - can't wait!

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