Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Today, we went to the Hawdon Valley to check on two nests and attach satellite transmitters, weigh, measure, band, and take bloods from the birds. While we were out I learnt many things to share with you all!
  1. Take your seatbelt off when you are crossing a stream in a car. In case of emergency!
  2. Bush bashing isn't when you fight your way through the bush, it's when the bush fights you as you walk through!
  3. Just because you walk up a big hill to see a Kea nest doesn't mean they will still be there. It was still cool though, as we collected a camera which showed us when the chick had fledged :-)
  4. Forest creatures are very nosey, and like to know what you are doing, and in the case of the robin, if you would please kick some more bugs up!
  5. KEA CHICKS ARE SUPER CUTE! And very fidgety :-)
  6. Kea parents in the wild behave just like Kea parents in captivity! They make the same call when their nest is disturbed; they show the same postures and behaviours like throwing things at you; and they are very curious.
  7. Kea live in forests. Some of you may have known this already but I was surprised at the amount of time they spend in forests! 
  8. The people carrying out this work are amazing, super fit people!
Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be awful so I am going to help a PhD student, Erin, remove some transmitters so she can download the data from them.

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