Thursday, 13 December 2012

Another beautiful Kea eyes the camera. 

On my last day in the field, we went to Speargrass hut in Nelson Lakes National Park to act on a tip we had from a tourist in Arthur's Pass.

We had heard from someone that they had been near the hut and heard a Kea vocalising a lot, in a way which made Corey think maybe there is a nest up there. So out we went with some Kea calls and a telemetry aerial to see if we could find any Kea out there. 
Telemetry gear up at Speargrass Hut - amazing views!

While we were there, we also checked another old nest. Unfortunately we didn't find anything, but there are definitely Kea up there which is great. We had a kiwi dog called Fenn with us, who was full of energy and found a lot of deer tracks, but no Kea today!

Corey and Sarah working together with Kea.

All in all it was an amazing trip, lots of hard work and lots of fun. Many wonderful things to see, it was a very eye opening experience and one in which I learnt a lot. I am very thankful to Wellington Zoo Conservation Fund and Corey Mosen at Kea Conservation Trust for enabling me to have this wonderful experience - it was a once in a lifetime opportunity :-)

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